For Charity

In 1914 the Pia Opera opened a shop in Ravenna under the name “For Charity” selling the products of the sewing and knitwear Workshop, together with embroidery, lace, postcards and drawings by various women in the city. The objective was to collect funds for the charitable activities of the Pia Opera, which was by this time becoming an authentic driving force of charity, a reference point for people in difficulty in the city and the surrounding countryside.

“The characteristic mark of the Pia Opera must be the charity that drives us to help one another and to sustain and help one another and sustain all those who do good: hence we must refrain from judging any action or person; speak little but do much… Only on that condition will God always be with us, as our first contributing, active member, or rather, our protector and defender.”
Don Angelo Lolli (1912)