The Pia Opera becomes a family

The years following the tragedy of war were very hard for Italy, marked by social and political instability. The arena of World War II was already taking form, but this was a chilling prospect that few cared to consider. In Ravenna the Pia Opera was by now of considerable size and activity. Above all, it involved many young women as employees or voluntary workers. It was these last who began to think of the idea of transforming this constant presence alongside Don Lolli into something more profound and more permanent. The Pia Opera was a charitable project rooted in the Gospel: basically, what Don Lolli’s women collaborators had sensed was in effect a call from God. It was sharing their faith that had led them to devote body and soul to the Pia Opera.
The idea began to take shape of transforming this shared sense of purpose into a religious family that would be completely devoted to the life and development of the Pia Opera. The seed was sown. It would take time, but the path had been traced. From the first it was apparent, now they felt the need to make it permanent: Don Lolli was not flying alone. There was a crew with him that shared his dream all the way.