At the head of the Opera and of the religious Family

When the Founder died, the management of the Opera was taken over by Monsignor Giovanni Zalambani (1904-1991), at that time parish priest of Argenta, appointed by Archbishop Baldassarri. Greatly respected in the diocese as a preacher and witness of charity, Vicar General of Ravenna from 1970 to 1974, He led the Opera for thirty years, strengthening its activities and making it better known in the city and elsewhere. Among much else, we owe to him the opening of the department for children afflicted with disability, a venture that led to the presence at Santa Teresa of many young people who came from all over Italy to do voluntary work there.
In 1989, Monsignor Zalambani was succeeded by Don Matteo Solaroli (1926-2011), a priest of outstanding kindness who, in his roughly twenty years (1989-2010) as director, set in motion a wide-ranging, demanding process of rebuilding, devoting special attention to the decoration and embellishment of the Opera’s church.
After the retirement of Don Matteo for reasons of age, he was succeeded as director by Don Paolo Pasini (2010-2014), Don Alberto Camprini (2014-2019) and Don Alberto Graziani (2019), still in office.
At the same time the religious Family has proceeded in the charism and the task entrusted to them by Don Lolli, namely as the soul of the Opera. It has been led successively by the superiors general Sister Domenica Baldini (1895-1972), Sister Ada Nuberti (1905-1985), Sister Iolanda Molducci ((1911-1996), Sister Maria Teresa Grilli (b.1935), Sister Anna Morandi (b.1942) and Sister Virginia Rontini (b.1937).