Welcome to the MUDAL, the Museum of Don Angelo Lolli. For the Opera Santa Teresa, the charity founded by this priest from Ravenna in 1928, it is a dream come true. We needed not only to celebrate a figure that is important for us, but to give back to the city of Ravenna the story of a priest who was from their own people, one with “not much flesh” (as was said hereabouts of the poor), who chose always and exclusively to be on the side of the most fragile. There is a common thread that links the good Samaritan of Luke’s Gospel and the pilot imagined by Don Lolli: the courage to do what no one else does, almost recklessly. On the eve of the inauguration of the Ospizio Cronici Abbandonati (Care Home for the Forsaken Incurable), showing all the determination and heroism he had drawn from the pages of the Gospel, he wrote: “We have set up a holy mission to enter the homes of suffering and stretch out a hand in affection to so many whom life and the world abandon to a sad descent into squalor and tears”.