After he left the “little church” in Via Mazzini, this chapel, from 1921, became the dynamic centre of Don Lolli’s life and work. Here beats the essential heart of today’s Opera Santa Teresa. Little by little, an as yet formless plan took shape, and was transformed into a flight plan at least as daring as the legendary Charles Lindbergh’s (1902-1974). If Don Lolli became a pilot of charity without ever setting foot on an aircraft as the daring American had done, this is because someone taught him to fly! On the panels you see around the perimeter of the Museum you will make the acquaintance of Don Angelo Lolli’s main “flight instructors”. If it had not been for those examples of human, Christian dedication, there would have been no flight, and the recent history of the city of Ravenna would not have been the same.

“We have the legitimate ambition that our nascent Opera should become a place of refuge for anyone who is looking for an outstretched helping hand. This is why we have put it under the protection of St Therese of Lisieux who, abandoned to the will of God, fulfilled her intention, namely: “I want to spend my Heaven doing good on earth”.
Don Angelo Lolli