Ordination to the priesthood

On 6 June 1903, at the age of 23, Angelo Lolli was ordained to the priesthood by St Guido Maria Conforti, Archbishop of Ravenna. The following day, 7 June, he celebrated his first mass in the parish of San Biagio (St Blaise). Three years later, in his spiritual diary, he remembered it: “It was an immense special grace that I received from God, a mark of predilection in preference to many others. If I thought seriously about it, how could I fail to find a reason to feel that I was recognised by Him who gave me so great a gift. […] That day reminds me of the love God has for me. […] Every morning it allows us to go up to the sacred altar to offer the Holy Sacrifice, thus carrying out the greatest act of love towards God that can be imagined. […] Thank you, Lord, thank you immensely for all your goodness. I do not know how to repay it. I will love you as my greatest benefactor, as the truest friend, as the most loving mother, as the most passionate lover of my soul.”

“Priest means angel, friend, warrior of God, it means angel, friend, defender of souls.”
Don Angelo Lolli (1906)